Download Monsters University Movie | Watch Monsters University Online Name :- Monsters University

Release Date :-  21 June 2013 (USA)

Directed By :- Dan Scanlon

Star Cast :- Billy Crystal | John Goodman | Steve Buscemi | Helen Mirren | Peter Sohn | Joel Murray | Sean Hayes | Dave Foley | Charlie Day | Alfred Molina | Tyler Labine | Nathan Fillion | Aubrey Plaza | Bobby Moynihan

IMDB Ratings :- 7.8

Monsters University Movie Synopsis :- Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan are an inseparable pair, but that wasn’t always the case. From the moment these two mismatched monsters met they couldn’t stand each other. “Monsters University” unlocks the door to how Mike and Sulley overcame their differences and became the best of friends.

When I first heard about this and saw trailers, I felt like it would be OK, a good laugh but not enough to really challenge other Pixar films. I can safely say that I was wrong on that score, for it manages to not only be successful prequel to the original film but also a great film in its own right. Billy Crystal and John Goodman slip effortlessly back into their roles as Mike Wazowski and Sully despite playing younger versions of themselves. The other main highlight of the voice cast is Helen Mirren’s intimidating Dean Hardscrabble, who is a menacing presence and I’m sure the design of her character was modelled on Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Steve Buscemi’s Randall also returns and although I felt that he would have a stronger part in the movie, the seeds are sown for his villainous ways in the original.

What astounded me was the creativity throughout the film, the effort that had gone into the university environment and the monsters that inhabited it (there’s one monster who has university down pat in a hilarious moment that all students will understand!). The new characters that become Mike and Sully’s friends, the Oozma Kappa gang, are all adorable and memorable, providing a lot of the film’s humour as well as one of its most touching moments towards the end. The film is consistently hilarious but also remembers that it has to develop the initial rivalry then friendship of Mike and Sulley. The world set up in the original is also included more than I thought it would (a couple of trips to Monsters Inc. itself) and there are some brilliant cameos from two memorable characters from Inc.

Although the friend I was watching it with said that the film was low stakes, as you knew how it would end, I found that the film still managed to feel fresh despite dealing with underdog clichés and the problem of being a prequel. In a Q and A after the preview screening, the director and producer said that this was about when your dreams don’t come true: a strangely anti-Disney philosophy in many ways but one that is honest and teaches kids reality about the world of work, none more so than a delightful montage of pictures explaining how Mike and Sully ended up in their respective positions in Inc. I haven’t seen Cars 2 (not sure I want to) and although I enjoyed Brave, it is definitely lesser Pixar fare whereas Monsters University sees them back at the top, creating a touching and hilarious story that will hopefully see them get back to dishing out the quality every time.

The compatibility with Mike and Sully can be a bit surprising, for one is the study hard teachers pet, and the other a natural born scare student. And just as you think your more like one, the other comes in and you realize that even monsters can be scared of the real world just like us today. Fear of what life has in store, and if we have the talent to fulfill our dreams. This is a theme a lot of critics are missing, and shines making it worthy of being a great Pixar movie and prequel to a great classic.

The story isn’t terribly generic as one may think, and every act is more different from the last. Starting with the clash between Mike and Sully, then onto the scare games, an intense series of games that declare supremacy of M.U. For the third and final act couldn’t be more surprising though. It not only serves as a great climax, but something that we can once again commend Pixar for telling great stories in out of the box thinking that we should think paying for the $10 dollar ticket is worth it. And boy did I think this movie was worth it, for I will be definitely be seeing it a second and possibly third time. It wasn’t a prequel we originally wanted, but it was a film that we and Pixar needed. And boy am I glad it happened.


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